b'Washington County Attorneys Office2019 Annual Report Major CrimesProsecution UnitAssistant County Attorney Marc BerrisThe EMSTTF has successfully prosecuted several cases in 2019.Thesecasesrangefromadomestictraffickingofone victimtolarge,internationalsextraffickingringspanning31 Criminal Analyststates.These cases have resulted in services for several victims Aimee Schroederandsignificantsentencesforthosetraffickingthesevictims.AimeeSchroederhasbeeninstrumentalinassistinglaw enforcementineachoftheseinvestigationsandinassisting Victim/Witness CoordinatorImran Ali in preparing each of these cases for trial. Christine VonDeLinde The Major Crime Unit continued to present on a variety of Kathy Woxlandtopics on human trafficking.The unit has been busy traveling around the county and state teaching a wide array of disciplinesLegal Assistantincluding:jailstaff,lawenforcement,publichealth,various Kelley Doolanmedical fields and just about anyone that is interested in learning more about human trafficking.Imran Ali and Aimee Schroeder presented to over 200 prosecutors from around the country at the Law Clerksannual sexual violence course in Minneapolis.Imran Ali and Brinda ShahDetectiveKroshustraveledtoMesa, Emma ShrumArizona to present on human trafficking at theannualdomesticviolenceprosecution conference.9'