b"Washington County Attorneys Office2019 Annual Report AdministrativeDivisionOverview Administrative DivisionThe administrative division is responsible for planning and executing a comprehensive range of administrative services that support the mission of the Washington County Attorney and the work of all divisions within the office. UnderthedirectionoftheCountyAttorney,itdevelopsandimplements operatingpoliciesandprocedurestoprotectpublicsafetywhilebeingFirst Assistantfiscallyprudent.ThankstotheCountyAttorney'sfiscalrestraint,theCounty Attorney operating cost of the office is well below other metropolitan areaoffices. Brent WartnerThe division is overseen by the First Assistant, Brent Wartner, who is the principal advisor to the CountyAttorneyonadministrativematters.Theadministrativedivisionprovidesguidanceonthe management and use of the offices financial, human and physical resources, systems and information management; automated litigation support; case management; records management; and media relations. Theadministrativestaffmustworkcloselywithalldivisionstoensurecompliancewithand implementation of all policies, standards and mandates of the office. Systems and Information Management Administrative Services Manager Jennifer Baltaian is responsible for the effective management of our 6.8 million dollar annual budget, support services matters,andtechnologicalresourcesandinitiatives.Duringthepastdecade, progressinautomationhastremendouslyincreasedtheefficiencyandcost-effectivenessoftheoffice.Forexampletheimplementationofourcase management system (LENS 9.0) permits the sharing of information with other law enforcement agencies, such as the Sheriff's Office, District Court, local police departments,theMinnesotaBureauofCriminalApprehension,andoutside governmentalagencies,greatlyincreasingtheoverall efficiencyoftheoffice.JenniferBaltaianwiththe assistance of a supervisor is responsible for management of office legal support services staff consisting of 12 Administrative Serviceslegalassistants,5paralegalsandanofficesupport Managerposition. Jenn BaltaianOffice Supervisor, Jenny Nelson, is responsible for the day to day work flow of the office and supervises support staff consisting oflegal assistants, senior legalassistants,paralegalsandthefrontdeskstaffing,operationandcustomer service. She also coordinates office operations and processes to ensure that county and office polices and procedures are followed and monitors any changes needed in response to changes made by Court Administration or other departments.Office Supervisor Jenny Nelson 4"