b'Washington County Attorneys Office2019 Annual Report Message from theCounty Attorney I am excited with the new changes and the direction our officeisheadedforthenewyear.Werevampedourcivil litigation unit to develop subject matter expertise and reassigned lawyers to work exclusively on all legal matters associated with a project such as the Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit initiative, the RecyclingandEnergyBoard,andgeneralcounselforpublic works. I am confident these positions will yield better results for our office and county.In addition, we will be building on the tremendous success of our 2019 commitment to collaborating at the local level to help fight the opioid epidemic.This crisis has resulted in many overdose deaths, specifically in Washington County alone we find close to 20 people deceased as a result of their opioid addiction. Our response to the opioid crisis is one area that we highlighted for review and special attention.The Opioid Team convenedstakeholders,whichincludesvariousWashingtonCountydepartmentheadsand employees of the Sheriffs Office, Community Corrections, Community Services, Public Health, and the County Attorneys Office, to attack the opioid epidemic in a more meaningful way by putting a multi-disciplinary plan in place as soon as possible. Together the team has worked hard to find the proper resources to make treatment immediately available for those individuals withoutprivatehealthinsurance. The teamhasbeenfortunate topartnerwiththeHazelden Betty Ford Foundation on this initiative. Nowletmesharemoreaboutwhatwedeliveredin2019forourcommunity,law enforcement partners, and citizens inside and outside the courtroom.In 2019 over 7,100 people attended over 120 presentations sponsored by county attorneys office staff in areas of police training and crime prevention.Our dedicated prosecutors filed 1306 criminal complaints in 2019. As we move forward, our office will build on the accomplishments of 2019 and set the bar higherforthecomingyear.Thededicatedandhard-workingemployeesofthecounty attorneys office strive every day to seek justice on behalf of the citizens of Washington County.Members of the office remain deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve the citizens of this greatcountyandwelookforwardtoworkingwithyouandourcommunitiestomakea difference in the quality of life for all citizens of Washington County. Thanks everyone for your support!Pete Orput 3'