b'Washington County Attorneys Office2019 Annual Report Serving Victims of Crime "Seek Justice | Ensure Victims\' Rights | Inspire Hope"Washington County Attorneys Office Victim Witness Coordinators:Kathy Woxland, Jasmine Miller,Christine VonDeLinde and Emily McKloskey Crime Victims in 2019 TheCriminalDivisionalsoincludesfive(5)victim/witnesscoordinatorswhoarevitaltothesuccessofour division. Being a victim of a crime can be a very difficult and stressful experience. Victims of crimes have rights and their rights are protected by Minnesota Statute 611A.Our Victim Witness Coordinators ensure that these rights areprotectedandvictimsareinformedoftheirrights throughout criminal and juvenile proceedings.These rights includebeinginformedofthecharges,conditionsof release, no contact orders, court appearances, plea offers, restitution,providingavictimimpactstatementat sentencing/disposition,recoveryofproperty,andpost-convictioninformation.Thecoordinatorscanassistin applyingforCrimeVictimsReparationsforvictimsof violentcrimes.Also,coordinatorsassistvictimsand witnesseswithpreparingfortestimonyifthematterproceedstotrial;accompanyvictimstocourt proceedings; registration for information on the status and release of an offender from jail or prison; provide resources and referrals to community-based programs for assistance with order for protections, harassment restraining orders, and counseling; and the Safe at Home Programan address confidentiality program through the State of Minnesota. Our goal is to make sure victims are informed, provided resources, and given the opportunity to have their voice heard. 11'