b'Washington County Attorneys Office2019 Annual Report Criminal DivisionAttorneys Marc Berris Justin Collins Tom Frenette Criminal Analyst Scott HaldemanAimee Schroeder Nick Hydukovich Kevin MuellerParalegal Jesse Seabrooks IIJean Mersch Tom Wedes Legal Assistants Victim/Witness Jamie Cole CoordinatorsKelley Doolan Christine VonDeLindePamela Gurnsey Emily McKloskeyPam HughesThird Degree Murder prosecution Jasmine MillerCaitlin Ohlrogge training for law enforcement and Kathy Woxlandattorneys.The Criminal Division aims to insure that offenders are held accountable for their criminal behavior by issuing criminal charges and recommending appropriate sentences that often include incarceration, probation, and restitution, while also considering the societal benefits of rehabilitation, addressing mental health issues, and substance abuse treatment. Trainingandeducatingourlawenforcementpartners,otherattorneys,andotherinvested professionals such as social workers, investigators, and probation officers is a cornerstone of our work.In order to protect the citizens of Washington County those involved in the investigation and prosecution of criminals need to have a clear understanding of the law and how it is applied.Our attorneys are involved in the community: we participate in community outreach and awareness trainings for the public and in the schools.7'