b'Washington County Attorneys Office2019 Annual Report Civil Division Attorneys Rick Hodsdon Mike Hutchinson Kari Lindstrom Kevin Magnuson Jessica Stott Jim ZulegerParalegals Vicky Krawczeski Deb PetersonLegal Assistants Karen Fontaine Danielle Herrick As a result of the Offices ongoing efforts to innovate the provision of civil government legal services and in an effort to be even more responsive to the needs of our county Department clients, the Civil Division has begun, what is hoped to be the first of many, the assignment of a Civil Assistant CountyAttorneytothepositionofdepartmentalGeneralCounsel.Theprojecthasbegunwiththe assignment of an experienced Assistant County Attorney to act as General Counsel to the Public Works Department. That means that Public Works staff now have a Civil Division attorney assigned to their Departmentspecificallywhoisavailableto answer their questions, offer advice and attend meetingssort of a one-stop-shop. To date, the project is seen as a success.Event held at Public Works for staff from both departments to get to know each other.13'