b'Washington County Attorneys Office2019 Annual Report Staff RecognitionRecognition and appreciation of staff is important to us. Acknowledgmentisgivenfor serviceawards,retirements,new staff, trial victories, hardwork on casesandotheraccomplishments.OthereventsheldincludeannualAnnual Administrative Professionals Luncheon Administrative Professionals luncheon, family picnic after work, Bosses Day luncheon,Halloweenparty,Christmas party and other activities.Team Building EventsVariousofficeteambuildingeventswereheldin2019 including our annual Dog Days of Summer staff picnic hosted bymanagement.alunchwithCourtAdministrationstaff.and staff security/safety training.Staff attended and participated in variouscountywellnessevents.Alsomanystaffmembers participated in a Walk Across St Croix Bridge wellness event. Staff wearing red to highlight American Heart Month 2019Criminal Heavy HittersHeavyHitterAward-a travelling trophy awarded to the prosecutor who has successfully triedajurytrial.That prosecutorkeepsthebat symbolizingtheawarduntil anotherprosecutorhassimilar success in a jury trial. 27'