Washington County Attorney’s Office—2017 Annual Report 7 Criminal Division As a result of our concentration on cases that are complex, career, and violent offenses and an emphasis on negotiating more minor cases well in advance of the trial date, we have fewer cases calendared for jury trial. Fewer cases calendared for jury trial have allowed our prosecutors to better prepare for trial, allowed for better use of court resources, better serve our victims in early case resolution, and better served our law enforcement constituency. Those cases that do reach the jury calendar are either tried to a jury or the defendant must enter a straight guilty plea with no agreement as to sentencing. We have radically increased our trials over the past several years in our efforts to bring a higher quality of justice to Washington County residents. In 2017 the criminal division attorneys were in trial eighty one (81) days. The criminal division has also continued to provide extensive training to local police agencies and our sheriff’s office. After surveying law enforcement for their needs, we have long held quarterly police training. This typically involved a three hour day class and three hour evening class in order to make the training available to all shifts of police. The training has become very popular with law enforcement. Moreover, we have conducted extensive community outreach on a variety of topics, from senior safety tips to sex trafficking. We have provided three hundred thirty five (335) hours of police training and community outreach in 2017 to a total of over 7400 police officer and citizen attendees from all around the state. In addition to offering regularly scheduled law enforcement training, this office offers prosecutor training, both in-office and statewide. Prosecutors from our office have provided two hundred ninety four (294) hours of prosecutor training in 2017 to over 1200 prosecutors. These volunteer efforts in training with law enforcement, prosecutors, other county departments and the public will continue, as they can only benefit the criminal justice system in the long run. Attorneys Imran Ali Thomas Harmon Nick Hydukovich Jamie Kreuser Karin McCarthy Kevin Mueller Jessica Stott Tom Wedes Siv Yurichuk Victim/Witness Coordinators Jolleen Chaika Christine VonDeLinde Linda Wikoff Kathy Woxland Supervisor Teri Kelly Paralegals Jean Mersch Aimee Schroeder Legal Assistants Allison Cossetta Kari Frandrup Pam Hughes Caitlin Ohlrogge Celina Postelli Brandi Tellijohn