Washington County Attorney’s Office—2017 Annual Report 15 Juvenile Division School Resource Officer Training August 7, 2017 On August 7, 2017 the County Attorney’s office hosted a training for school administrators and school resource officers at the Historic Courthouse. This was the fifth year the training has been held. Based on input from past trainings, this year’s agenda included a “student focused” theme. During the morning sessions, attendees heard a presentation called “The Innocent Classroom.” The presenter spoke about recognizing some of the inherent struggles faced by minority students and how that should be used in both day to day interactions as well as behavioral interventions. Also during the morning session, an interactive presentation was made about the use of restorative justice circles in resolving student conflicts. In the afternoon, attendees heard from the Human Trafficking Unit of the County Attorney’s office about how to recognize and support students who may be victims of sexual exploitation. Actual Washington County cases were used to train the school personnel about how to communicate with those victims. Similar to past years, over 60 school officials and police officers attended the training. Juvenile Division Chief Tony Zdroik Attorneys Rick Allen Erin Johnson Kari Lindstrom Tricia Loehr Betsey Urbas Paralegal Theresa Leverty Legal Assistants Joe Kvam Reilly Ramirez Teri Selden