Washington County Attorney’s Office—2017 Annual Report 21 Training Threat Assessment Training The Washington County Attorney’s Office hosted a 3 day seminar on Threat Assessment at the Historic Courthouse October 18 – 20, 2017. The speakers, Dr. Kris Mohandie and Dr. Reid Meloy are two of the most noted experts on campus violence prevention and threat assessment/threat management. There were 120 attendees from all over region, including 6 members of our office. Veterans Program The veterans program promotes public safety while supporting veterans and their families through a coordinated effort among the veteran services delivery system, community-based services, and the court – thereby leaving no veteran behind. This program recognizes the unique problems facing veterans and how problem solving courts can help by recognizing the disabilities that military men and women returning from active deployment develop and identifying resources to assist the justice involved veterans. The program strives to identify veterans, offer them assistance, assess their needs, and help them solve their problems. It is a unique partnership between the criminal justice system, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and local treatment providers. Veterans Program January 2012—January 2017 The County Attorney’s Office recognized the dedication and contribution to the success of the Washington County Veterans Program on the five year anniversary (2012-2017) of the following: Kathy Woxland, Drew Levins, Specialized Training Services and Randy McCalister, Cottage Grove Police Department. Judge Gregory G. Galler; Dawn Fredrickson, Judicial Senior Clerk; David Holewinski, Veterans Justice Outreach Specialist and Bryan Peterson, Veterans Program Mentor. Judge Richard Ilkka and Judicial Senior Clerk Patrica Abt