Washington County Attorney’s Office—2017 Annual Report 19 Major Crimes Prosecution Unit Multi-Disciplinary Training Members of the Washington County Attorney’s Office Human Trafficking Team received scholarships to attend training in Tucson, AZ in November. The 4 day team-based training was intended for Multi-Disciplinary Teams to improve their response to Child Sex Trafficking . Several nationally known Child Sexual Exploitation experts worked with us and 4 other teams from around the US to differentiate responses to traditional child abuse and CST cases; learn to better recognize and locate youth at-risk victimization; identify gaps and develop short and long-term response plans; and utilize the components of an effective MDT for CST cases. Throughout the week, each team created and ultimately presented an action plan designed to encompass strengths, challenges and directions for our respective multi-disciplinary teams. Stop Human Trafficking – International Training Members of the Sex Trafficking Unit met with police and prosecutors from Ukraine. Washington County Tip Line 651-430-7825 Imran Ali Assistant County Attorney Kathy Woxland Victim/Witness Coordinator Aimee Schroeder Criminal Analyst Celina Postelli, Legal Assistant Jessica Hockley, Law Clerk Erinn Valine, Law Clerk Paul Kroshus, Jerry Wallerich, Aimee Schroeder, Imran Ali, Rich Love (Instructor), Kathy Woxland and Ryan Stuart.