Washington County Attorney’s Office—2017 Annual Report 11 Civil Division The year 2017 saw a wholly new charge added to the civil division’s responsibilities, and that would be the legal representation of the Resource and Energy Board (R&E). The R&E Board is a joint powers collaboration between Ramsey and Washington Counties which owns and manages a solid waste processing facility. Our work for the R&E Board is oft times enigmatic as the R&E Board is both governmental entity and department. However, the department is unlike most others whose manifold tasks are best left to be described as chimerical and at times verging on existential with legal issues to match. The foregoing was but a fractional rendering of a very busy and productive 2017 for the civil division. Suffice it to say that, unlike Newton’s Law of Motion, 2017 saw the civil division proceed in fits and starts, neither up nor down but simply on, ever mindful of the creed by which we work: Service is our common tender, and 2017 saw a big return on investment. Attorneys Tom Frenette Rick Hodsdon Mike Hutchinson Sue Steffen Tice Jim Zuleger Paralegals Vicky Krawczeski Deb Peterson Legal Assistants Karen Fontaine Danielle Herrick Erin Hutton